Digital Advertising Spend to Reach $600 Billion in 2015

Consider this for a moment. The net wealth of the 12 richest people in the world is roughly ~$600 billion. If they were to pool all their money together, they can either buy 1200 of those Virgin Galactic Spaceshiptwos (the one that exploded) or buy out all the digital advertising of 2015.



(Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo – ~$500 million dollars) 

We’re not sure what that proves. We just thought that was a cool fact.

In any case, digital advertisings of 2015 are set to go up another 6% compared to this year. The majority of this spend will come from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK. Notably, it is expected that China raises their mobile ads in particular by 600%. However, even with this big raise, it sits behind the United States in dollar spent on mobile ads.


The United States still remain the largest spenders in advertising with 32% of total spendings. In that pie, over $50 billion dollars is spent on online ads.

What does that mean?


That means a lot of money – soon overtaking money spent on television ads – being poured into online campaigns. That’s things like social media, video adverts, web campaigns, search engine marketing, banner ads, and mobile ads.


Two simple reasons: One, advertising agencies are finding monetary results in digital ads in terms of ROI  and two, there’s just simply more and more people online which means more eyes =  more views = more results.


For the small or mid-sized business who is probably reading this blog, just one big thing.

Think about what you could do with this. It’s a trend that is real and fast and happening. I’m not saying that your business will fail if you decide to skip this whole online advertising thing, but then again, investing money into AdWords or a Landing Page or an Online Video could really help boost sales and awareness. For example, a simple video on your homepage helps increase your Google SEO when people search for your business. Or, videos just help convert people.

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