War Room Is Now A Snapchat Certified Partner!

Before we pop our celebratory bottle of champagne, the main reason becoming a Snapchat Certified Partner is important…is because it helps us help you.

Is because it helps us help you.

As a Snapchat certified partner, the training provided and access to best practices/tools for buying and managing your ads is that much more heightened; between the certification, the introduction of the self-serve ad platform, and Snap Publisher – Snapchat is truly connecting third party ad tech tool providers to trained advertisers: like us!

Essentially, this certification and these tools will help to improve your ad engagement and overall results on the platform.

War Room Snapchat Advertising 2017
Snapchat offers a variety of ad types for your business.

Plus, with Certified status comes a number of other perks we’ll delve into, including exclusive beta and alpha opportunities within the platform! To find out more about how being a Snapchat Certified Partner allows us to better connect your ads to potential and existing customers, read on!

Certified Partner Status – The Real Benefit

Snapchat’s Ads API allows a wide range of ad tech companies – including SocialCode, Adaptly, Unified, and Hyfn to name a few – that provide a variety of tools for optimizing your Snapchat Ads.

War Room Snapchat Advertising 2017

Essentially, it makes buying ads and managing campaign creative + budgets simpler from a top-down perspective; better efficiency leads to better results with click-throughs, conversions, and dollars generated.

Self-Serving Ads Better Serve You

Snapchat introduced a unique, self-serve platform that gives us much more control over budgeting, reporting on analytics, campaigns, and creative for your entire ad series.

War Room Snapchat Advertising 2017
Snapchat’s Ad Manager makes budgeting, tracking, reporting, and managing creative a sinch.

Track campaigns on mobile, manage ad creative, budgeting, setup billing and access for team members, and much more.

Think of it as a win-win-win: to get started, all you have to do is fill out this form.

Ad Publishing In A Snap

As a browser-based tool, Snap Publisher imports your existing brand assets, can trim horizontal videos for the vertical format, offers Snap-provided ad templates for different objectives, adds motion to static photos, A/B test different ad variants for performance, and lets advertisers–like you–buy through the Ad Manager with just one click.

This tool helps to reduce the headache of converting other assets like TV or YouTube commercials into Snap ads; combined with the ad manager, this will reduce friction enough to allow smaller businesses to pay Snapchat instead of just big brands with huge teams.

Publish your Snapchat Ads with ease and confidence.

Between the Snap Publisher Tool, Self-Serve platform, and becoming a Snapchat Certified Partner, Snapchat is connecting 3rd Party ad tech tool providers to trained advertisers like the War Room.

For more information on how we can serve your advertising needs as a business with Snapchat Ads, contact us here!

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