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Why Choose Animation?

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.”

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  • 5 second rule

    5-Second Rule

    The rule is you have 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention online. If you miss this opportunity, they might leave your website forever. Dun dun dun.

  • Communicate and engage

    Communicate & Engage

    Animation helps simplify complex ideas. The lack of earthly restraints allows you to communicate your message in manner that is entertaining and straightforward.

  • Generate Intrigue

    Generate Intrigue

    1 in every 2 people take some form of action after watching animated explainer videos. That means creating more movement in the sales funnel.

  • Improve ROI

    Improve ROI

    Fact: Animated videos increase conversions by up to 20% and people who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy your product.

Examples of Our Work


Maximizer creates powerful, “flexi-tuitive” CRM software. We partnered together to compose four animated product & brand videos to help drive more leads to their sales team.

The results were a 22% increase in landing page engagement, a 38% increase in sign-ups for Maximizer’s webinar, and 39% increase in website traffic.

Shop the Floor

Shop the Floor is an online marketplace where fashion brands can create digital trade shows.

Our objective was to showcase their new web application with a engaging video that showed off the applications core functionality.

The result was a design that drove a 31% increase in interest in web application, 47% increase in online orders, and a 61% increase in email click-through rates.

Science World

Science World is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging science in a fun way. The project’s goal was simple: to sell tickets and drive awareness to Science World After Dark - an event geared to young adults (19+).

Our solution was to create an online video advertising campaign.

Science World Storyboard

We began with trying to understand who the best target demographic was (Answer: females aged 20-35) and what would drive them to purchase tickets (Answer: friends & dates). This research paved the way for three 30-second animated videos aimed to capture Science World’s quirky personality and this group.

These videos were served on sites that targeted local Vancouverite. At the end of each video, we created a landing page that would allow users to purchase tickets directly.

The result was a campaign seen by 312,872 females in Vancouver who had specific interests in the Arts and Culture. It was clicked on by 1026 and ultimately bought by 287 more. This increased Science World’s average event attendees and sales up by 50%.

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Our Clients

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How It Works

Like any good movie, our process is broken up in three acts. Here they are!

Act I:


Our entire pre-production process boils down aligning your vision with ours and then doing something truly fun together. The type you experience when you see sales go up by 30%.

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Act II:


Production is the step where we see the characters, the story, and call-to-action come together into one visually engaging and relevant story. As Dr. Frankenstein says “Zee alive, zee aliv

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Act III:


Our post-production work is where we add the sparks, the snaps, and the snaz. This wraps everything up into a neat little package ready for your amazing sales pitch.

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Video Advertising

Market success doesn’t come with just creating a quality video. It’s about delivering your ad to the right people as well. Sharing your video to those who matter is the jelly to your peanut butter.

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So now that you've heard all about it,

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