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Blueprint for a High Converting Landing Page

BLUEPRINT FOR A HIGH CONVERTING LANDING PAGE THE CORNERSTONE OF SUCCESS You need this blueprint. Here's why: A properly structured landing page is the cornerstone of successful digital marketing. Your offer may be stellar and your programmatic advertising might be...

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How GDPR Will Impact Your Programmatic Process

  GDPR - An Overview: Every few years, the ad tech landscape experiences a level of disruption from technological innovation or policy changes.Editor's Note: The general data protection regulation (GDPR) has been years in the making and will transform the relationship...

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Facebook Algorithm Updates You Need To Know

  With everything going on in digital last year, were you aware of the facebook algorithm updates made in january that changed the way your stories rank on your audience's news feed? Learn more about facebook's algorithm updates here..Editor's Note: Your content goes...

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Top Digital Insights From 2017 To Use In 2018

  As we close the doors on 2017, we don't need to throw away the key entirely: here are the top digital insights we made last year you can use to succeed in the 2018 digital landscape – whatever your role or company might be. Editor's Note: Positivity reigns supreme,...

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Influencer Marketing Fraud Survival Guide

  With a single day's worth of #ad posts on Instagram containing up to 50% fake engagements and over 97,065 of those comments being made by bot followers, it's safe to say that influencer fraud for sponsored posts are a real thing that heavily skews engagement...

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3 Ways To Win At Holiday Marketing

  Arguably, Christmas is the most competitive holiday of the year when it comes to marketing and online sales. With everyone looking for holiday gifts at the same time, how will you differentiate yourself as the go-to brand for your demographic’s needs? Editor's Note:...

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Win Black Friday & Cyber Monday In 4 Moves

 Don't be kept in the dark when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: with these 4 tips, you'll gain a competitive advantage over your vast competition - online and offline - fast. Without sounding like that middle-aged agency at the party who discusses–at...

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War Room Is Now A Snapchat Certified Partner!

 Before we pop our celebratory bottle of champagne, the main reason that becoming a Snapchat Certified Partner is important...is because it helps us help you. As a Snapchat certified partner, the training provided and access to best practices/tools for buying and...

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These 5 Search Advertising Changes’ll Shock You

 Oh, you thought Expanded Text Ads were a game changer last year? Then brace yourself for these 5 changes to Search Advertising as you know it, bound to change the PPC game.   When you're Google, you do fun things: foam pits, in-house slides to get to lower floors,...

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5 Lessons From 500 Ads In 5 Minutes

 Want to know what the ultimate AdWords ad would look like? Read through to the bottom to find out.Sure, you could say it's been a busy month here at the War Room; between client campaigns, optimizing search ads and analyzing over 500 ads to distil this fine, free...

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Best Performing Digital Ads of 2016 *By Channel*

  Ah, 2016's best performing digital ads: we loved you for so many reasons. From learning about how to make Facebook Ads convert like crazy to taking advantage of Google's Expanded Text Ads in search advertising to learning the true power of ad extensions for free...

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