Dynamic Remarketing = Dynamic Campaigns

by | May 25, 2015

If you know us at the War Room, you know that we’re still D.R.E.


And by D.R.E. we’re not referring to the legendary producer’s track from 01′ (that you should definitely have in your Spotify queue), but stating that we’re very down with Dynamic Remarketing.

Why? Cause it works well with consumers, and makes your job easier. If you’re a marketing guru that’s familiar with the power of native advertising, optimizing your Adwords and the power of display ads – you know the importance of efficiently reaching your consumers with ads that work to increase PPC rates, impressions and brand awareness!

Long story short, dynamic remarketing is a way to target multiple ads to your page visitors based on their interests and previous search parameters, for a significantly increased likelihood of consumer engagement.

In terms of increasing PPC, remarketing is rad. However, Adwords strikes gold yet again by introducing the idea of dynamic remarketing to tailor these ads specifically to customer interests. Leads galore!

Dynamic remarketing helps to:

  • Rank products in your feed based on popularity to determine the best mix of ads to retarget consumers.
  • Target consumer interests after they leave your website!
  • Optimize ad efficiency among various platforms (mobile retargeting ads have been shown to increase CTR by up to 15%).
  • Diversify your ad formats; although Adwords is automated, you can select from various ad layouts to suit your initiatives and consumer interest.
  • Setup a simple .csv, .xls or .tsv feed to group products and have them distributed to appropriate dynamic ads based on previous consumer interests and click-throughs.

Take Netshoes for example, the world’s largest online retailer of sports x athletic apparel that used dynamic ads to reach consumers during the holidays, resulting in a 30-40% approximate increase in overall revenue, which is HUGE.

Or skates.co.uk, which simultaneously lowered their cost of sales by 30% and increased their revenue by 50%.

In 30 days.

Here are a few other great examples of dynamic ads in action (pun!):


Setup – Google Adwords

Setting up dynamic remarketing for your business is actually quite easy. The wise wizards at Google actually have a 7 step process for it, that you can follow without breaking a sweat – or the bank.

To get started, you’ll need to identify your business type for the campaign and setup remarketing in the Campaign menu within Adwords (it’s an easy, 3-step process).


To create a feed, you’ll export your products or services in .xls, .csv or .tsv format to pull the details for your dynamic ads, to be uploaded to the business section of your Shared library (unless you’re a retailer). Add your dynamic remarketing tag with customized parameters within the Audiences section of your Shared library, and choose your dynamic ad layout for your particular aesthetic/service!

For the specific details, Google Adwords offers a number of tutorials on how to setup feeds, tagging and the overall dynamic remarketing campaign for your products and services. Be sure to check them out below!

As an easy way to optimize consumer interests, increase PPC rates and impressions – dynamic remarketing is your campaign’s new best friend.


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