Dynamic Remarketing Your Damn Ads Already!

by | Jun 6, 2016

Want to drastically improve your ads’ conversion rates with a 22% cheaper Average Cost Per Click?

Then look into dynamic remarketing, dammit!

Look, I get it–we’re a little jazzed about dynamic remarketing. Okay, a lot–but seriously, it’s the fastest, cheapest, most underrated way of skyrocketing your conversion rates on a dime.

And it works–well.

Like we’ve mentioned before in our post eons ago, dynamic remarketing retargets previous users of your site, or mobile applications, based on their previous interests in products or services you’ve offered!


The Advantages

The likelihood of a user converting is much, much higher with dynamic remarketing, since you as a retailer are catering to two of their needs:

  1. Consumers are much more likely to purchase from the same retailer with the right post-sale treatment (Thank You pages, additional incentives)
  2. Retargeting customers based on their previous interests almost always proves to be successful for engagement, better click through rates, and sweet conversions.

It’s like this: You know that drop-dead-gorgeous girl at the bank that you always chat up about your mutual admiration of red wine and Game of Thrones?

Wouldn’t it make sense that your first date be something wine/GoT related, you charming devil?

Dynamic remarketing works for your business, and is cost-effective; it’ll help to generate new leads and ensure that pre-existing ones are converting even after they leave your website.

And as if you needed MORE reason to engage in dynamic remarketing, think about it this way: it can actually expose returning customers to the other areas of your inventory through your advertisements, and diversify your sales–or you can solely focus on one aspect of your inventory, if that’s where the sales goals lie.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

The best part about dynamic remarketing?

So much of it is automated, and predictive based on your consumers pre-existing behaviour.

For example, AdWords predicts which dynamic layouts are best for your retargeted customers, based on interest, time, placement, etc.!

Additionally, AdWords built-in product recommendation engine makes your life much easier by calculating the optimal bids for each impression, and pre-determining the best mixture of products for each ad.

According to Google’s sources:

  • Netshoes, the world’s largest web-only retailer of sporting equipment and athletic apparel, saw 30-40% growth in overall revenue with dynamic remarketing during the Christmas season.
  • Sierra Trading Post, an outdoor gear and outerwear retail store, saw their conversions increase 5X with dynamic remarketing compared to regular remarketing campaigns.

In terms of setup, dynamic remarketing is a breeze:

Bottom line: if you can use remarketing, then use it!

To create a feed, you’ll export your products or services in .xls, .csv or .tsv format to pull the details for your dynamic ads, to be uploaded to the business section of your Shared library (unless you’re a retailer). Add your dynamic remarketing tag with customized parameters within the Audiences section of your Shared library, and choose your dynamic ad layout for your particular aesthetic/service!

By knowing the keywords, interests, and previous purchases of your customers, dynamic remarketing makes recapturing sales easy–and not annoying, at that.

For more on how you can use implement dynamic remarketing for your business, visit The War Room’s site here.


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