He Shoots, He Scores? (Conversion Tracking)

by | Aug 13, 2015

Remember that hockey game that you didn’t care about the score?

Ad buying without conversion tracking is like a game with no score.


The thrill of cheering one team on and knowing there is always a winner and a loser is the biggest reason we cheer on the Vancouver Canucks.

But Wait…

Now in comparison to when you are running an ad campaign, how does it make you feel when you don’t know if your winning or loosing leads?

Three quarters of small businesses do not have conversion tracking properly installed.

Your campaigns are all up and running, keywords are doing well, your quality score is high and your starting to get clicks.

But unless your conversion tracking is set up and installed you will not know if all of your work and clicks are resulting in sales.

The Play By Play

  1. What is conversion tracking?
  2. The set up.
  3. How to measure your conversion data?
  4. Types of conversions.

Learn more here: Set Up Conversion Tracking


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