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How Gen Z Is Re-Defining Digital

They’re mobile-minded, TikTok-obsessed, and probably confused by your CD collection: Generation Z is not to be taken lightly as the next wave of digital consumers with enormous purchasing power.

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is Tech-Savvy

Gen Z is one of the first generations (as a cohort) to be fluent in rapid information gathering. They can sift through institutional messages, to filter out excess noise, and to identify voices they can trust.

Generation Z Has Huge Purchasing Power

How Marketers Can Win with Generation Z

#1: Target Cross-Channel Digitally

Tip: Think about how your Expanded Text Ads appear. Also, take advantage of things like callout extensions and site link extensions on your ads to ensure an easy as possible path to purchase.

#2: Mobile-Minded

#3: Social. Media. Influencers.

#4: Open-Minded, Culturally Aware

#5: Engage, Don’t Advertise