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How’s Your Website and Ad Strategy Working for You?

Have you heard about our Video Tracking and Competitor Analysis? – Perhaps some of you have yet to meet Kedet™.

He’s not only our mascot here at War Room, he’s also the boots on the ground when it comes to getting out there and doing the work with our new Video Tracking and Competitor Analysis Service, both of which we’re offering to business owners who want to have maximum retention for visitors to their website AND an in-depth look at what’s going right (or not so right) with their competitors’ digital advertising campaigns.

You’d also be amazed at how quickly this guy can run for a robot, and the boy’s got rhythm too! Anyways…

Video Tracking Tool for Reviewing User Website Patterns

Let’s start with what makes our Real Time Video Tracking Tool such a useful one for business owners that want to REALLY know what a visitor’s experience is like when entering, moving about, and – if so – leaving the site.

We’ll provide you with a detailed and superbly extensive overview of everything visitors do on your site, analyzing exactly how they move, where they move, where they hover, where they click, and what they do after they click on your ad. How long did they stay on that page, and – this is the good stuff – what clicks might they have made where they were NOT able to activate an expected function for the web page. Where did they make them, and did that lack of responsiveness lead them to ‘bounce’ from the landing page.

Specifically, we record the screens of real users on your website. You can see what visitors clicked with their mouse, what they filled into a form field, where they spent most of their time, and how they browsed through each page. Collectively, you can begin to get a picture of what are the pluses and minuses of website layout and architecture as they regard to promoting a positive visitor browsing experience because – as you’ll likely know – it’s those experiences that lead to converting visitors into customers.

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Have a Looksie: Covert Competitor Analysis

Kedet™; is also one heck of a snoop when he’s asked to be. He’s able to hover just out of sight beyond the virtual fence of your competitors’ virtual yards and have a look inside to see what’s working well for them as regards their digital advertising.

So when he makes his way back here and submits his report in the War Room, he always has a whole lot to tell us about where your competitors are advertising, what ads they’re using, who they’re buying through and what is doing best.

Allowing you to leverage this information to make better marketing decisions for yourself and even discover what calls to action is working for your competition to vastly improve CTR. Have the inside track on your competition’s strategies allowing you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently.

Leverage this information to dramatically optimise and improve how you advertise online. Contact us to learn more about our new Video Tracking and Competitor Analysis Tools.