Most Effective Online Video Marketing Channels Are Not The Most Obvious

by | Feb 2, 2015

When people think of online channels for video marketing, knee-jerk reactions holler at them to get on Facebook. Get on Instagram. Get on Twitter. That’s where all the hip boys and young girls are!


But if you’ve paid any attention to the success of companies on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you should have two thoughts.

One, either the majority of companies are just doing it all wrong (which they are) or the fact that these social hubs just aren’t the best medium for online advertising (it isn’t.)

The reason for this is that people are on Facebook to check Sally Sampson’s Summer 2014 Photos. People are on Twitter to catch up quickly on news and happenings. They certainly aren’t there to watch video marketing of what’s new on the menu at Denny’s. And the thing is, over 55% of online advertising companies are wasting their small & experimental budget on these places! As well, 33% of companies try places like LinkedIn or corporate blogs but again, the results have been very disappointing.

Granted, of course, a popular destination with video marketing is on their own company site and email newsletters. According to reelSEO, these destinations are generally well-received. Likewise, video streaming sites (in the form of pre-roll) such as Youtube have recorded positive and successful ROI. The people aren’t getting it all wrong.


Understand where you are putting your video marketing. No point wasting resources in places where the ROI is low. According to the chart above, people are finding success in emails, Youtube, and company websites.

The reasons are probably simple. In emails and company websites, there is already a link to people. Either they have subscribed to your newsletter, or are visiting the website to check out what you have to offer. On the other hand, people just have to sit through Youtube Pre-Rolls (if they don’t have adblocker) and watch a few seconds of your ad.

Either way, they beat the hyper-stream of ‘stuff’ that buries your video on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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