New Twitter Advertising Platform: The Pros and Cons

by | Jan 5, 2015

Advertisers will spend $592 Billion in 2015, reveals eMarketer
This is huge and this brought me to the questions of:
Why do companies keep putting in dollars into Social Advertising?

Today interactions with digital advertising can be fully measured, and immediately utilized to better adjust and target the right message to the right person at the right time. This allows advertisers to get the most out of their marketing dollars.
So this takes us to Twitter Advertising and our quest to break-in the new Twitter Advertising platform (Still in Beta).
  • It’s new! So why wouldn’t it be great, right?
  • It’s a quick way to build a community of advocates for your business through Social Media.
  • You can target based on Interests, Keywords, Geography and Gender but then again, where can’t you target online like this. What is really cool is that you are able to target directly @Usernames.
  • There is a great tool called Campalyst that allows you to analyze and track who on Twitter is referring traffic to your site in Google AnAnalytics.ou can use Campalyst to help you determine who are the best @Usernames to target. Here is a link on how you can set up Campalyst on your site.
  • Now your referring traffic that was showing as will show what specific user is engaging with your brand and what better way to drive more engagement than targeting these users directly.
  • It’s a bid market so you are charged on engagements, not on impressions, clicks or views. As a benchmark you receive approximately 1 million impressions per $10k spend, so we are looking at approximately 100,000 impressions for a $1k spend.
  • Clicks and Impressions are very dependent upon the creative used and cannot be guaranteed: “We cannot guarantee impressions, conversions, clicks, Retweets, follows, replies, favorites, blocks or any other actions taken (collectively “User Actions”) with your Promoted Products.” – Twitter Insertion Order Clause 6(See photo below).
    • In terms of the CPE (Cost Per Engagement), Twitter usually recommended starting this at a $2 CPE, and then lowering this as we optimize the campaign once it starts running. So what the heck is Cost Per Engagement? “An engagement is any interaction with your tweet – whether someone favorites it, retweets it, clicks on a url or hashtag, responds, or click on any link.” The good news is that you only pay for the first engagement, so if a user favourites your tweet and then clicks on a link, etc, any engagement past that first interaction is free for you ?
    • This happens frequently. Look at the item in red: “There was a problem processing your tweet.”(See photo below)
      • Why does this happen? I don’t know and either does Twitter, but now you get to start setting up your promoted tweet from scratch again!
      • You cannot duplicate a campaign. This means if you are setting up 10 ads with the only difference being the location your targeting you need to create a new ad each time by re typing in all targeting perimeters, ouch. This is very time consuming. Come on Twitter even Facebook has this! If you haven’t already check out Facebook’s power editor which is a huge time saver. I set up the exact same campaign on Twitter that I did on Facebook, Twitter 3.5 hours, Facebook 30 minutes. UPDATE: You can now duplicate a campaign, in the top right hand side of the campaign click copy this campaign.
      • You may want to target Females ages 18-35, well that’s a no go on Twitter, there is no targeting by age, just gender for Demographic targeting.
      • You cannot edit a tweet (even if it is not public) once you click Tweet. This would be so handy when you realize you forgot that #Hashtag as you get your 7 campaigns ready, though this is not the case you must recreate it from scratch if you make an error or forget a word.


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