The 3 Step Process to Successful Video Advertising

by | Jul 28, 2014

Like a good golf swing, there’s more to a good video advertising campaign than the whack of the ball. You must not forget about the wind-up and the follow-through. In successful video advertising, the same rings true.

Doing one correctly moves the cogs of the next and that too will move the next. This process is what creates the end-to-end experience that ultimately leads to your consumer picking up your call-to-action. Phew! That’s a lot of business jargon. We promise there will be less of that and more similes here on out.

You see, it all works together. Like a Ferris wheel operator and a Ferris wheel.


Step 1: Make a good video

A simple sentence enough but let’s break it down.

Make = There are several ways to do this. You can hire a creative agency/video production house to come up with an idea and make a professional video for you or if you’re feeling a little frisky, try it yourself. Nowadays, with all the cameras and editing tools online, almost anyone can put together a video. Of course, the quality is another issue.

A = We don’t stand too strongly by this word. Sometimes we find that the best results come from trying several different styles of video, and having a campaign with several videos. In any case, you’ll need at least one to get this started.

Good = What’s a good video? We say it has to do this: be meaningful with your target audience. This means that it engages them. As much as it is entertaining, it has to be relevant. As much as it’s relevant, it has to be visually cool. The middle point between these three is where your video has meaning.

Video = Your video (for online ads) should be either 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or up to 1 minute. These rules are mostly because well, places like Youtube and other platforms support these times only. Other than that, you can decide what kind of video you want. You can do live-action, you can do animation, or you can do a mix. Each has their own pros-and-cons. For example, live-action is more realistic and better at conveying emotion. On the other hand, animation is more cost-effective and better at explaining abstract concepts and being fantastical.

Step 2: Getting this video to the right demographic

This is the job of your video advertiser. The main thing here is to take advantage of the web. There are two. First, the sheer amount of people. They say that each month, over 1 billion people watch online videos. Secondly, cookies and caches and personal information. This means that your video should be getting to the people you want to get to. Selling tennis rackets and looking for males between 21-40 who like to play sports? Or selling nutritional plans to 55+ females who live locally in your city? What you want should be what you get.


Step 3: Have a landing page

This last piece, the follow-through, is where it seems a lot of people forget. Rather, it’s one of the most critical pieces because without it all that previous work goes to naught. By simply having a landing page, this allows the funnel to actually lead to something. It’s the [Click Here] after your video ends. It guides your viewer to a place where they can purchase your product.  Having a good landing page focuses on a few things. One, there needs to be options for people to purchase (obviously). Secondly, it should be clean and simple. You never want to scare away anyone with clutter and mess. Keep the entire user experience short and simple – the idea is to use the fewest clicks possible.


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