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The Mobile Advertising Revolution Has Begun. You In?

The (advertising) revolution will be televised MOBILE.

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Headlines (Extended + Description Line One)

Callout + Sitelink Extensions

With limited space for information and attention spans at their all-time quickest among mobile users, Callout + Sitelink extensions are essential for success with mobile advertisements and campaigns. For more information, the wise sages at Google themselves do a great breakdown of extension implementation and importance.

Mobile Ad Positioning

Let’s face it: being #1 rules.

In life, and in mobile advertising — having the #1 spot is of the utmost importance. Ad positioning refers to the order in which your ad appears relative to others within a search query; #1 resulting in viewers seeing your ad first.

Ad positioning can be a little complex, and is determined with a number of factors. Through Ad Ranking, Google determines your ad positioning through the quality of your advertisement, presence of extensions and ad formatting.

Ad position fluctuates depending on click-through rating and competition, but a takeaway point is that even if two ads have the same bid and quality, the ad with the better expected impact due to addition of extensions would win a higher position.

Long-story made short: add callout + sitelink extensions. And be sure to do whatever you can to improve the quality of your ad for mobile optimization and better ranking!


We’ve gone over the importance of having keywords within your headline, but consider the importance of keywords in your URL! IRL (In Real Life) when mobile users are on the train, at work or on the John when your ad link pops up.

Aside from the description line one and headline, the URL is the only piece of text that’s guaranteed to show when it comes to mobile advertising display. If you can integrate keywords that relate to your service/product or even related search terms, then there’s a possibility of it increasing the Click-Through Rate for your offering.


Snippet, Snippet Real Good.

Google is always releasing shiny new things (that are SEO optimized to the teeth and always catch our attention).

Take for example ad extensions, Google’s offering of a short, structured snippet that gives mobile users a better sense of the content offered on your website. Between ad extensions and callout/site extensions, the major difference is that ad extensions highlight specific aspects of the products or services your offer, while callouts highlight what makes your business unique.


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