Top Video Ads of November 2014

by | Dec 15, 2014

Welcome to the last month of ol’ 2014. How are your New Year Resolutions coming along?

Actually, never mind – let’s not talk about you.

Let’s talk about me and my TOP 3 VIDEO ADS of NOVEMBER 2014. Points are given to video based on shares, likes, originality, and a personal liking. Additionally, since it’s become a trend to see the same similar ads popular all the time – like Nike or Samsung – those ads have points deducted for being boring.

(You receive 2 points if you understand why the title image is as it is. ‘Cause nothing last forever, and we both know hearts can change.)

Animals Australia – People Being Awesome

Horrible campaign name, pretty satisfying video. The ad receives 7 points for being the #1 most shared ad in November and an additional 6.4 points for being entertaining and fun. It also receives 2 points as my personal favourite ad of November.

A question arises in the first video though: Isn’t holding a man by the legs while he dangles into a manhole kind of dangerous?

Bad question.

A statement instead: It’s very impressive that 2 guys are holding a man by the legs while he dangles into a manhole.

The Wild Within – British Columbia

Cool name and very local stuff. This ad receives 11 points for being about our home British Columbia. It ranks 14th in number of shares with 76,000 for November and has 240,000 views in the last month and because of this, receives an additional 1 point.

Read the video comments for full list of locations.


NIKE – Lebron James

This ad is on the list because of how lame it is. Remember how I said that Nike ads who use the same gimmick (Lebron James) over and over again loses points? Well, this one loses 5 points because of lameness and another 2 points because it’s so cliche. Another minus 1 for the black-and-white.

Despite this, it has 132,000 shares and 4 million views. We can’t deny this. 10 points to Nike!


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