Top Video Ads of October 2014

by | Nov 17, 2014

As usual, here are what I deem my three top video ads (based off views, shares, and a personal enjoyment) of October. Learn from it, enjoy it without analyzing it, watch just to stay caught up with the advertising world, or watch because it’s a long damp November in your soul and mindlessly watching something worth a chuckle is better than melting away in the blackness.


1. Potty-mouthed Princesses

When a video has 1 million views and 750,000 shares, that’s a video where people are going, “holy! Johnny needs to see this.” (True: I sent this to a feminist friend) In this very controversial video (there are 16,000 dislikes to 16,000 likes on Youtube), little girls are dropping F-bombs in statements about rape, glass ceilings, and gender inequality. Hey, I’m a sponsor of fairness between the sexes and Feminism, but err… is this the way to do it?

Nowadays it’s a dangerous line to walk when any male, or female for that matter argues things considered “Feminist” but this whole jamming female-oppression down our throats (in silly ways, one might add – eg. walking naked down a street) is probably not the way Emily Davison, Women of Suffrage or my mom (A successful entrepreneur and proud feminist) would have envisioned it to go down. For the sake of my future daughters, I hope the feminist movement can become more than just shock jocks.


2. Air NZ – Safety Video

We’ve all sat through those airplane safety videos wondering why they would do this to us, we try to be good people, treat others with respect and kindness and this is how they repay us? Well, Air New Zealand (celebrating the new Hobbit movies) have finally decided to do something fun with this medium. Starring Elijah Wood & Peter Jackson, the video has 12 million views in 2 weeks. More importantly, it’s setting the stage of *fingers crossed* future airline changes.

Photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash

3. Taylor Swift – Diet Coke

There is nothing terribly special about this ad besides Taylor Swift, cats, and that it’s an ad for Diet Coke. In fact, this ad is pretty cheap and forced. A cross-promotion between T-Swizzle and Coke? Riding on the coattails of T-Dawg? Come on, creative people!

But still we’re putting this ad on here just so we have a chance to talk about Tee-Swift. Did you know that her new album – “1989” – is the first album to go Platinum in 2014 (hint hint, it’s November already) and that it’s sold more copies in its first week than any other album has done in the last twelve years?

Say what you will about TayTay but numbers don’t lie and we’re witnessing something pretty cool happen.

Remember when Teardrops on My Guitar came out?


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