What is Google Tag Manager

by | Feb 10, 2015

Google Tag Manager is the latest in wearable tech design. The new product, set to be released in 2016, is a small bracelet that an user will wear on his wrist. The bracelet, retailing at $99.99, will light up if the hand of the user comes into contact with another person’s skin.

“Electrolytes, naturally conductive, will be recorded by the bracelet and let off a sharp shrill. This way, children on the playground will no longer be able to cheat in tag. Near tags and close misses will no longer be one’s word against the other but rather, recorded. That’s the power of Google’s Tag Manager.” say Larry Page, CEO of Google.

Ah, just kidding.

The truth is this.

In SEM marketing (Search Engine Marketing), traffic and behaviour data are encoded through tags. In more technical terms, “A tag is snippet of JavaScript that sends information to a third party, such as Google.” 

For example, if someone wants to add the function of AdWords conversion tracking to a particular page, this is done by adding a ‘tag’.

The problem is the current system of adding ‘tags’ is complicated and heavy. It requires changing code (adding) and often time, these additions pile on and slows down the website.

Hence, the introduction of Google Tag Manager. A better way to manage tags. With it, you (marketers) can make quick changes to, for example – the analytics measured,  without having to consult the IT department.

Why use it?

Well, the sales pitch by Google says that…

If you’ve ever been slowed down while waiting for new tags to be implemented, or if your site has gotten slow and clunky due to too many tags, or if you’re not sure that you’re collecting data efficiently, then Google Tag Manager can make your job easier.

It’s a pretty niche product but if you’re in the business of video marketing, adjusting tags, or tracking website data, check out more about Google Tag Manager here.


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