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What is OTT (Over The Top) Advertising?

We’re not being dramatic, we’re just Over The Top.

What is OTT (Over The Top)?

Growth of OTT

The public loves being able to watch Videos On Demand (VOD), binge an entire TV series with no commercial breaks, any time of the day.

How do brands manage to reach people in their households in this new era of media consumption?

What is OTT Advertising?

Benefits of OTT Advertising

Guaranteed Ad Delivery

What makes OTT ads effective is that they viewers can’t skip an ad or close a window nor use ad blocker. The viewer may not be able to click through to your website via TV, but video completion rates are very high instead. So make sure your ads are visually-grabbing and make an impression!

More Accessible & Affordable Than Traditional TV Ads

The number of people using Connected TV to stream video content is increasing. Why not take advantage of this trend and show off your brand on a whole new platform? OTT has made advertising to audiences in their households accessible to brands. Bypass lengthy negotiations for a TV spot with a specific channel on a particular day and time within a certain region. Ads can be served to the right people at the right time directly.

Granular Audience Targeting

Compared to traditional television advertising, OTT has the capability of hyper-targeting audiences. You won’t be limited to regional TV stations anymore, think big and think global. Advertisers can leverage consumer data such as online browser and purchase history to set up their audience segment.

Excellent for Retargeting

OTT enables advertisers to retarget users who have seen their ads elsewhere. It closes the cross-channel loop, which is invaluable for advertisers. It can be easily incorporated into a bigger marketing strategy and capture audiences.

Ad Performance Attribution

What Have We Learned?