7 Ways to Create Content that Helps to Achieve Your Business Goals

Content is one of the most important things brands need to thrive in the digital world. It helps companies in different ways, such as building trust, increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and even generating leads. In this digital world, content has now become more crucial than only a marketing tool. Brands need to develop […]

Google Privacy Sandbox Explained

google privacy sandbox explained cover image

Ch-ch-changes: recently, there’s been a lot of technology innovations and policy changes shaking up the ad tech landscape, including the introduction of the Google Privacy Sandbox. Recently, movers and shakers of the internet age, such as Apple, are moving towards giving users back more autonomy in terms of their privacy.  Google announced in 2020 that […]

A Guide to Pinterest Advertising

pinterest advertising

Pinterest is a social media channel that is often overlooked when it comes to advertising. But who doesn’t have at least one Pinterest board with saved recipes that look delicious? Or of future dream vacation destinations? It’s a highly visual and engaging platform that marketers should consider!In this blog, we’ll give you the lo-down on Pinterest […]

Web Design & SEO: 10 Key Factors to Optimize for Top Rankings

We’ve always shared marketing tips on the Advertising Institute blog. In this article, we’re veering off our typical route on paid ads and are going to discuss web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why? Well, your website is your sales person working 24/7 for your brand. Having a well-structured website optimized for performance helps with organic traffic (which […]

Do You Need to Switch to Google Analytics 4? (Yes, and here’s why.)

Google Analytics is a tool to monitor website performance and identify areas for improvement for the entirety of the customer journey. In this blog, we will discuss Google Analytics 4, and if you should have it set up for your business. What is Google Analytics? What is Google Analytics 4? What’s New with Google Analytics […]

Should You Use Emojis in Ad Copy?

Did you know that 92% of the online population uses emojis? It basically transcends language and culture! Emojis are a fun way to express ourselves online when communicating with others. Not only does it make conversations with friends online easier, but emojis can keep your branded messages fun and engaging too. July 17th is World Emoji Day […]

Programmatic Direct VS Real-Time Bidding: What’s the Difference?

programmatic experts

Programmatic Direct is nowhere near the same as Real-Time Bidding. A lot of marketing jargon can be confusing. What you need is a point by point breakdown of how each of these programmatic elements is different. Something you could clearly explain at a meeting. Let’s comb through what makes each of these terms special in […]

11 Digital Marketing Statistics for 2022

We’d seen a lot of traction with our 11 Social Media Stats in 2021 blog and decided we’d do an updated version for 2022. We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing statistics on a variety of different channels that may provide insights for your ad strategy! Social media makes up ⅓ of all digital ad spend in […]

A Guide to Link Building and Digital Marketing for Your Business

Here are some handy tips to build links and elevate your digital marketing tactics! Link building and digital marketing are two crucial components of any successful business. Building a robust online presence and attracting potential customers is impossible without them.   In this article, we’ll guide you on how to build links and optimize your […]

How iOS 14’s Update Will Impact Your Facebook Ads

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The launch of Apple’s iOS 14 in 2021 has significantly impacted data tracking in the marketing landscape. Everyone’s Facebook Ad strategy has been impacted by Apple’s iOS 14 update. Here’s the lo-down. These are the categories we will cover: September 2022 Update: How to Future-Proof your Data Tracking June 2021 Update What is Going On […]